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22nd Annual Juried Show

Exhibition: Queen Elizabeth Park Community & Cultural Center Gallery,
2302 Bridge Road, Oakville, ON L6L 3L5

Online Virtual Show

Oct. 22 – Nov. 11, 2022

Jurors’ Statements

by Doreen Renner and Kal Honey

One look through the 91 submissions and we knew that we had our work cut out for us — in the best possible way: the field was stacked with high-caliber work!

What a treat it was to drink in the wide gamut of artistic endeavor: diverse media; conceptual, expressive and aesthetic bases; technical proficiency. 


A successful entry to a juried exhibition must communicate its merit without written augmentation or broader visual context as to the artist’s oeuvre. As jurors, we must ascertain the challenge the artist has set for themselves, assess the merit of that objective, and evaluate the final execution. In a competitive field, every aspect count!

The consistently high quality across such a wide range of artistic practice speaks to the vibrancy of the visual arts community in Oakville (and beyond). To those accepted we offer our hearty congratulations! To those who were not — take heart — many works were within a hair's-breadth. Ultimately, we are a given pair of jurors on a given day. We were honoured to view the fruits of your creativity. Keep making your work, and keep sharing it with the world! 


Our thanks to Christina Annis, Mark Emmerson and Rena Sava at Artworks Oakville – you made a demanding task as easy as it could possibly be.


* To enlarge an artwork, click on it to display the full size along with its information.

Selected Artworks

* To inquire about purchasing any of the show artworks please call: 905-844-3651

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