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Our 18th Annual Juried Show was a great success. Jurors Sarah Beatty-Russell and  John Binham had a very difficult choice of winners. Here are the artworks that they have selected:

2017 Juror’s comments


John Bingham

It was an honour to be asked to be on the jury of this show. Whenever I am asked to judge fellow artists, I am keenly aware of my responsibility and the fact that I too am an artist. We are creators first and judges of our own attempts and the attempts of others second. As a judge, I looked to the submitted art for two things. Did the artist of a particular piece of art reach me as a human being; challenge me and engage me in what I believe an eternal conversation about a human condition. Secondly, was the artist both in command of their medium and pushing themselves to go just a little bit further on that scale. I put each piece to that test and found myself very satisfied with the results. I believe the show to be very good cross-section of artistic endeavour in the community.


Working with fellow judge Sarah Beatty-Russel, we were than charged with determining the winner, a second, a third and honorable mention. We were unanimous in our selection and excited for the winners. For those who submitted and did not make it into the show I will caution feelings of rejection. You applied confident that the work was worthy, and it was. By nature, the selection process is biased. At all levels of artistic ability, the merit of work is at the mercy of the subjective nature of the viewer. We are all judges. Be happy that you have ability to create art. The freedom to be able to show your work and the knowledge that the next time or the time after your work will be on view. Thank you to all for submitting and congratulations to the winners…


Sarah Beatty-Russell

I want to thank all the artists who submitted to the show; it was an absolute pleasure to discus, critique and review the artwork that was put forth by the community. It’s always an exciting process to try and put yourself in the mind and practice of the artist to see where it takes you. Both John Bingham and I were so pleased with all the participants and were honoured to be part of the process. Artists on a day-to-day basis, place themselves in a place of vulnerability and for that, we all thank you. Congratulations to everyone who submitted!

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