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Thank you to those who who applied to 17th Annual ArtWorks Oakville Juried Show. The judges had a very hard time choosing the art since the entries were of a very high caliber.
We received 77 entries of which 39 were chosen for the show.

Juror’s Comments:

I enjoyed seeing the body of work and congratulations in pursuing the creative journey. The criteria of my selection is based on few elements. The first and most important element is how clearly I felt the artist’s interpretation of the world around them, in which they live. – John Lennard


The works selected were chosen from a strong overall submission, in a variety of approaches to making art. The criteria were centered on a view of whether a work had a strong internal logic in its intent, its language, its process, its formal composition, expression, realization and degree in which it showed originality. – Geoffrey Nawn

The First Juror’s Choice: Lora Moore-Kakaletris, “Failure to See The Signs” is based on the clarity of the artist’s vision and how she used the environment to portray emotion. A very strong and original work. Poetic, mysterious and intriguing in its subject, with a powerful and compelling realization.

The Second Prize: Jodi Kitto-Ward, “Dundurn and Herkimer” is based on the sense of depth and the language of painting. There was also a great sense of location. The painting had a sense of POP ART tradition with one’s original viewpoint. A well composed and knowing painting that makes reference to hyper realist and POP tropes but with a strong individual take on landscape as a genre, encompassing the urban and the rural.

The Third Prize: Steve Spears, “Kind of Blue” is based on the appreciation of forms in the abstract sense. There was a lyrical quality in both the paint and composition using a sense of rhythm and space. A well composed and realized painting with its subject matter and formal qualities synchronized, and conveying in abstract language, a sense of jazz music. A highly lyrical painting.

The Honorable Mention: Gabriella Collier, “Miami South Beach Stroll” has a poetic and painterly composition that I enjoyed. A beach landscape, realized with freshness of paint application and handling. It has a simple and effective composition that conveys the open expanse of beach and sky yet made material by expressive brushwork.

The Honorable Mention: Sue Archibald, “Winter’s Slope” is based on the diversity and energy of the marks. The sense of space and high horizon line created interest.   An abstracted landscape with fine composition and drawing qualities. The disposition of shape, form, surface and line across the picture plane is sensitively realized.

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